htp-621 mug press
Product Overview
HTP621 is a multifunctional mug press. With 6 interchangeable heater elements, the possibilities are endless.
The different sized heater elements allow you to create different sized mugs easily! Just change the heater element.

Fully digital temperature and time control and comes standard with 11 – 15oz element
toner and sublimation mugs
Suitable for both toner and sublimation transfer
A truely versatile mug press. You can choose to use it for sublimation printing or toner transfer using CPM.
heat transfer coloured mugs
Create coloured mugs
By using TheMagicTouch CPM transfer media together with a white toner printer, you are now able to do heat transfer onto a coloured mug.
Interchangeable elements
Interchangeable elements
The HTP-621 has 6 optional heater elements that are sold seperately. This allows for decoration on a wider variety of different kinds of mugs. The elements can be changed without the need for any tools.
Dimensions 40.5 x 39.5 x 28.5 cm
Weight 6.5kg
htp621 element A
Element A
Standard Mug Press Element 10-11oz
htp621 element B
Element B
Standard Mug Press Element 6-10oz
htp621 element C
Element C
Standard Mug Press Element 2.5oz
htp621 element D
Element D
Latte Element 17oz
htp621 element E
Element E
Latte Element 12oz
htp621 element F
Element F
Latte Element 1.5oz
Satin Mug Wrap
Satin Mug Wrap
For use when printing using toner transfer