RST Transfer Media

For Transfer Onto Non Fabric Surfaces

Product Overview
RST Series heat transfer paper is specially coated for non fabrics surfaces. Specially formulated especially for more rough and soft surfaces like untreated wood, cork.

It is designed for use on a toner based laser printer. When used with a white toner laser printer, it allows for transfer onto non fabric surface that are dark.

It can also be used with a adhesive media instead of a heatpress.
Print with a regular laser printer
Print With A Regular Laser Printer
TheMagicTouch transfer media works with regular printer toner. There is no need for any modifications to the laser printer that you are using. This means that you can use your laser printer as a regular printer to print your emails, invoices and day to day documents, and when you want to do heat transfer printing, just simply load the printer with the desired MagicTouch media.
Suited for rough non-fabric surfaces
Suited for rough non-fabric surfaces
RST has been formulated to work on rough surfaces.
Take it further with white toner technology
Take it further with white toner technology
Taking advantage of white toner technology with our SPACE Control software allows you transfer onto dark coloured non fabric surfaces. Our SPACE CONTROL software enables you to print a solid layer of white beneath the colour so that the true colour can be seen on a dark surface.
No coating needed
No coating needed!! Works on regular non fabric surfaces
Unlike sublimation, RST does not need a specially coated surface for the transfer to work. This allows you to transfer onto a wide variety of surfaces such as wood, leather, cork etc …
Works without a heat press
Works without a heat press
RST will also work with a adhesive medium such as liquidtex or spray on adhesive. Just apply the adhesive medium on the wood, let dry and then spray water to release the transfer. Watch the video below to see a demostration.
Media Size A4, A3
Quantity 50 sheets per box. Includes 1 application sponge
How to decorate wooden signs with RST 9.1 Transfer Paper
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Premium Transfer Papers for Colour Laser/LED Dry Toner printers
Duration    04:05
How to decorate a Plywood Camper with RST9.1 and a CMY+White Printer...
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Premium Transfer Papers for Colour Laser/LED Dry Toner printers
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How to decorate a raw WoodSlice with RST9.1...
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Premium Transfer Papers for Colour Laser/LED Dry Toner printers
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How to print on wood without any machines : Using RST9.1 without a heatpress
Using RST9.1 together with Liquidtex Gloss Gel. The process will also work using acrylic paint or glass paint.
Duration    01:53
Image transfer onto wood and plastic in 15 mins with no machine
Using spray on adhesive together with TheMagicTouch RST9.1 transfer media, it is possible to do an image transfer onto various surfaces such as wood and acrylic without any heat press.

The process is quick and simple and can be done in about 15 mins.

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How to create an infinity mirror
Heat transfer printing is not just about printing onto T-Shirts.
Watch how we are able to make use of various heat transfer media to create a unique custom made infinity mirror.

Transfer media used includes RST 9.1 for printing onto wood and CPM 6.2 for creating a custom circuit board for the LEDs

RST 9.1

CPM 6.2

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Duration    04:23