WOW Transfer Media

For Transfer Onto Dark Coloured Fabrics

Product Overview
WOW is the ultimate 'Self Weeding Transfer Paper'. For use with the CMY + White Laser Printers only - such as the OKI C711WT, Pro7411Wt and Pro8432WT.

This unique process utilises the white toner of the machine to eliminate the masking stage involved in previous versions of WoW - just print your transfer, press to the mask sheet and apply to the garment.

No cutting, No weeding, No mask making.
How Does It Work?
1. Open file in SPACE CONTROL Software
2. Print image using OKI C7411WT / OKI C8432WT
3. Press M Sheet and I Sheet together
4. Seperate M Sheet and I Sheet (Only printed areas will be transfered to I Sheet)
5. Position I Sheet face down onto T-Shirt and apply heat press
6. Peel off WOW transfer
7. Apply finishing seal using T.SEAL
No Cutting, No Weeding, 2 step process
WOW is a 2 step self weeding paper for dark coloured fabrics.
First print it out the M sheet from a OKI white toner printer. Next, we transfer the printed areas from the M sheet onto another paper called the T sheet. After that, just heatpress onto the shirt.
NO cutting or weeding needed.
Works on most fabric types including cotton and polyester
WOW will work with most fabric types. Unlike DTG or sublimation, it will work on both cotton as well as polyester.
Low temperature of 140°C
WOW works at a low temperature of only 140°C. This reduces the problems of higher temperature transfer faces such as scorching and dye migration.
Works for Foil transfer as well
Another unique use for WOW is to use it together with the T.FOIL. Simply print the image in black with WOW onto any colour T-Shirt. Apply the T.FOIL on top and heatpress it on. The foil will only adhere to the areas that has been printed with WOW. NO Cutting or Weeding needed!!
Media Size A4, A3
Quantity 50 M-sheets and 50 I-sheets per box
WOW transfer print
WOW transfer print
WOW transfer print
WOW transfer print
WOW transfer print
WOW transfer print
WOW transfer print
WOW transfer print
WOW transfer print
WOW transfer print
WOW 7.8
The amazing WOW 7.8 self weeding paper from TheMagicTouch. No Cutting or Weeding needed.
Duration    03:02