Temporary TATTOO

Tattoo Box
Product Overview
New temporary tattoo media combines elements of fun and excitement for all age groups and is compatible with all colour laser printers and copiers.

The water release Transfer Sheets are fully compatible with all available Colour Laser Devices and Toner Systems.

Simply print the Design on the Tattoo Paper, apply to glue sheet, trim it and stick it to the skin. The Tattoo will hold up for about 3 days depending on the skin type.
How Does It Work?
1. Print Tattoo Media in mirror image from laser printer
2. Peel off paper liner from Gluesheet
3. Align Tattoo media with gluesheet and paste together
4. Cut out individual tattoo and peel off plastic liner to
prepare for application onto skin
5. Place down on skin
6. Use a wet cloth to throughly soak tattoo
7. Peel off backing paper
8. DONE !!
Print With A Regular Laser Printer
TheMagicTouch transfer media does not require any special inks or tattoors. There is no need for any modifications to the laser printer that you are using. This means that you can use your laser printer as a regular printer to print your emails, invoices and day to day documents, and when you want to heat transfer printing, just simply load the printer with the desired MagicTouch media.
Take it further with white toner technology
Taking advantage of white toner, you can have white prints on the tattoo media. This is especially useful for creating tattoo with a country flag, or a corporate logo that has white in it.
Nail art
The Tattoo media can also be applied onto nails to make nail art.
How to create and apply Temporary Tattoos with Tattoo 2.1...
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Premium Transfer Papers for Colour Laser/LED Dry Toner printers
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