OBM Transfer Media

For Transfer Onto Dark Coloured Fabric

Product Overview
OBM Series heat transfer paper is a single step transfer media for dark coloured fabric products.

It is designed for use on a toner based laser printer. The image can be transferred onto most fabrics including cotton and polyester. As well as selected leather products.
How Does It Work?
1. Print image using a colour laser printer
2. Cut away unwanted areas and peel OBM off backing paper
3. Place face up onto T-Shirt
4. Cover with release paper and apply heat press
5. Peel off release paper when COLD
Print with a regular laser printer
Print With A Regular Laser Printer
TheMagicTouch transfer media does not require any special inks or toners. There is no need for any modifications to the laser printer that you are using. This means that you can use your laser printer as a regular printer to print your emails, invoices and day to day documents, and when you want to do heat transfer printing, just simply load the printer with the desired MagicTouch media.
Works with a Cutting Plotter to get rid of unwated areas
Works with a Cutting Plotter to get rid of unwanted areas
Use together with a cutting plotter such as the Graphtec CE6000 to get rid of the unwanted areas so that your final print does not have any border.
Use with transfer tape to create free form designs
Use with transfer tape to create free form designs
Use our application tape to transfer a freeform design onto the T-Shirt.
Low temperature
Low temperature of 140°C
OBM works at a low temperature of only 140°C. This reduces the problems of higher temperature transfer faces such as scorching and dye migration.
Media Size A4, A3
Quantity 50 sheets per box
Mini T-Shirt
How to decorate a coloured T-Shirt with OBM 5.4...
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Premium Transfer Papers for Colour Laser/LED Dry Toner printers
Duration    03:12
Contour Cutting TheMagicTouch OBM transfer media using a Graphtec CE5000 Cutting Plotter
This video demonstrates how the Graphtec CE5000 is used to contour cut away any unwanted areas so that the transfer will not have a box around it.

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Duration    01:56
How to decorate a black shirt with OBM 5.4 and a regular CMYK Printer...
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Duration    03:03